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Summer 2022 information will be available in February of 2022.

Young Artist Program

Nightingale Opera Theatre is thrilled to welcome Jake Heggie as our featured Artist and Master Teacher!

Program dates: TBD

Production: If I Were You by Jake Heggie, libretto by Gene Sheer

Specific program details below for:

  • Singers and Studio Artists,
  • Collabrative Piano Residency, and
  • Composer Residency.


Singers and Studio Artists:

Our program will consist of music and blocking rehearsals for a production of Heggie’s If I Were You as well as concerts of his art songs and arias. Students will also participate in masterclasses with renowned teachers and directors, including Mr. Heggie! All students will have regular lessons, music coachings, acting coachings, and classes with focus on various aspects of music performance.


    • BRITTOMARA/mezzo-soprano (The devil; an incredibly sexy, beautiful, seductive woman. She will also play an auto mechanic, EMT, a bartender, a hairstylist, and other roles.)
    • DIANA/soprano (A beautiful, popular, ebullient, 24-year old woman.)
    • FABIAN/tenor (A young writer and restless dreamer in his early 20s; filled with self-doubt, he feels unlovable and yearns to break away. He lives in a small apartment in the town where he grew up, his chance to go away to college cut short by his father’s sudden death.)
    • SELENA/soprano (Diana’s close friend since childhood.)
    • PUTNAM/bass-baritone (Fabian’s boss; an unhappy, unpleasant, wealthy, boorish man.)
    • PAUL/baritone (A very handsome young man, a drug dealer and a bit of a brute. He’s quite a flirt and has a reputation for playing the field. He’s currently dating Rachel.)
    • DAVID/tenor (A young, very successful photographer.)
    • RACHEL/mezzo-soprano (Paul’s current girlfriend.)
    • JONATHAN/baritone (A cop.)
    • CHORUS (Townspeople, lost souls.)

Collaborative Piano Residency: 

We invite collaborative pianists to join us for a two-week Summer Residency, featuring compositions of Jake Heggie as well as newly composed art songs and/or opera.

During the two weeks, performers will have opportunities to collaborate on new projects, participate in master classes and lectures, attend performances, play in rehearsals, and receive individualized feedback from the Nightingale Faculty.

We are proud to announce Jake Heggie as Nightingale Opera Theatre’s featured artist and master teacher for Summer 2022! Nightingale Opera Theatre’s Young Artist Program will finish with a production of Jake Heggie’s If I Were You, commissioned and debuted by the Merola Opera Program (San Fransisco Opera) last summer, which will rehearse through the entirety of the program.

Selected pianists may be asked to stay through production week.

Composer Residency:

We invite composers to join us during the second week of our program. Nightingale Opera Theatre will offer a week-long Summer Residency for New Art Song and Opera in collaboration with our Young Artist Program.

We are proud to announce Jake Heggie as Nightingale Opera Theatre’s featured artist and master teacher. During the week, composers and performers will have opportunities to collaborate on new projects, participate in master classes and lectures, attend performances, and receive individualized feedback.

Compositions realized before or during the week-long residency will be offered the opportunity to be performed by Young Artists or Studio Artists in a masterclass, workshop, or in concert.

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